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It's time to ignite your child's curiosity using a topic based approach

perfect for neurodivergent learners

This guide will teach you how!


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In this free guide, you'll learn...


✔️ The importance of understanding neurodivergence and how it shapes your child's learning experience.

✔️ Why a topic based approach is the perfect fit for your child

✔️Five easy steps to designing a child-led topic-based curriculum that nurtures your child's unique strengths and interests

✔️ Access to helpful templates and guides to simplify the curriculum creation process.

✔️ PLUS three ready-to-use topic mats with over 150 lesson ideas to kickstart your child's educational journey.👏

Hi, I'm Holly,

I'm a dyslexic, ADHDer and  ex-primary school teacher, turned  'teacherpreneur'.

I am so happy to have found my calling in life, and that is supporting Home Educating families create an alternative, topic-based curriculum for Neurodivergent children.

I have always loved igniting curiosity and developing a deep love of learning through creative and engaging lessons. It's just what I do best!


I developed Home Education coaching package to provide guidance on creating an alternative curriculum to neurodivergent children who have been failed or let down by traditional classroom teaching.

Neurodivergent people CAN learn, we just learn in a different way! I want to teach you how! 

This guide has been designed to equip parent with the knowledge, skills and confidence to develop a personalised topic based curriculum for their Neurodivergent child.

Let's ignite your child's curiosity and unlock a love of learning💕

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