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Autism Therapy

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions are valid for all tuition session from the 1st September 2022. I reserve the right to make changes to these terms and conditions. However, clients will be notified in advanced to any changes being made.


Tutoring sessions and payment

Tutoring sessions last one hour and take place weekly during school term-times and school holidays at a rate of £35 per hour. Sessions are paid prior to lessons on the first of every month via Tutorbird. Once lessons are paid for, refunds will not be issued for any missed sessions (if cancellation procedures aren't followed) but I will make details of the work missed available so that you can work through the main elements of the session content with your child at home if you wish.


Holidays and School holiday /half term breaks

I will appreciate as much notice as possible for holidays booked, but I expect a minimum of two weeks notice. Some families wish for their child to have a break from learning during the half term and Easter and Christmas holidays. This is absolutely fine, but again I ask for two weeks notice if this is something you wish to do.


I strongly recommend that weekly lessons continue during the 6 week summer holidays, Many studies show that a child's learning can regress during the long holidays as they forget skills and knowledge taught in the previous school year. Keeping children engaged in some academic learning during this can either maintain or progress learning. If you choose to opt out of lessons during the summer holidays, I cannot guarantee your place come September.


If you need to cancel an individual session after it has been scheduled, then I always appreciate as much notice as possible. If a booked session is not attended, and 24 hours advance notice of non-attendance is not given, full payment for the cost of the session will be incurred. I am always happy to offer an alternative time and day in the same week to avoid you being charged for lessons not received. Please note, this will depend on my availability, so may not always be possible. If four consecutive lessons are missed, this will result in your allocated weekly slot being offered to another child.


I will endeavor to keep my own requests to change booked session times to an absolute minimum, but there may be occasions when I need to request that we make an alternative arrangement. I will always give you as much notice as possible and I will always offer an alternative day or time for a session if this situation arises.



I offer tutoring in the comfort of your own home to children within a 10 mile radius of Harwood, Bolton. I also teach children from all over the world remotely using Zoom.


Practise books & Homework

For my 11 plus pupils, I ask that specific practice books are purchased and that you support your child as they work regularly from these at home. I will give guidance on the use of these books as our sessions progress. I ask that all practise books be available at each session so that I can keep track of the work that is being completed at home.


I give homework to all my pupils to consolidate learning that took place in the lesson. Homework can be marked and feedback given upon request.

Notice period

For sessions paid for in advance, and in the event you wish to end our tutoring arrangement, I ask for the month to be completed. No refunds will be possible if you wish to stop tutoring sessions part-way through a month.



For individual sessions, I can give verbal feedback at the end of each session, either face to face or via Whatsapp at your request. I will arrange a meeting with parents if I have any major concerns.

I hope that the information I provide each week, either verbally or in my feedback messages, will keep you informed of your child’s achievements and progress. However, if at any point in the year you wish to discuss any aspect of your child’s progress with me in more detail, please make contact and I will be happy to address any individual issues, concerns, or questions.

In instances where I am working with your child towards a test or exam, I am unable to make any guarantees regarding the outcome of these tests or exams. I will always do my utmost to ensure that your child is as prepared as possible, but can make no assurances that the work your child and I complete together will result in the desired outcome.

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